Fantasy Playgrounds across Colorado Communities

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At Phil Long Dealerships, we know that we’re only here because of you, the community. If it were not for the amazing community in Denver and Colorado Springs, we would not have any business!

This is why we love giving back to the community as often as we are able. To give back to the community and public education system, in 1996 Phil Long Dealerships teamed up with the Denver Broncos to build Fantasy Playgrounds in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Volunteers help to build another Phil Long Dealership backed Fantasy Playground in Colorado!
Volunteers help to build another Phil Long Dealership backed Fantasy Playground in Colorado!

In late September of 2004, the Fantasy Playground at McGlone Elementary in Montbello was built! This was the ninth playground constructed by Phil Long Dealerships and the Denver Bronco’s Charities Fund. This particular playground has four play pits, divided by levels of child play, going from early childhood education up to the swings pit. At the time of being built, it was the largest playground in the DPS system, coming in at more than 15,000 square feet. Every Fantasy Playground has an element added by the children of the community or school! For this Fantasy Playground, nature themed tiles were created and line the seating wall between two of the play pits. Each tile is permanently attached, and has the name of the student who created the tile on it, so they can always go back and remember the excitement of being part of something bigger than themselves.

Jay Cimino, the CEO of Phil Long Dealerships, stated he was proud that the partnership resulted in an area where children and families could go together for the sole purpose of having fun. Larry Stone, chairman of Lowe’s Charitable and Education Foundation was excited to help schools build a foundation for tomorrow’s employees, homeowners and community leaders.

America the Beautiful Park has a great playground for community kids, this was another Phil Long Dealership Fantasy Playground, the fourth one to be exact. This playground is another 15,000 square foot park, equipped with hammocks, spinner bowels and turnables that have not been seen in any other City park. The interactive “Quirks” as they’re called, interactive pieces of art, were created by 100 students from Bristol Elementary, Columbia Elementary, Glove Charter and Washington Elementary Schools. Each student provided a brief story about their Quirk’s life, which was included on the Quick site.

Other Fantasy Parks in Colorado Springs include Palmer Park, built in 1997, Memorial Park in 1999 and Cottonwood Creek in 2001!

We here at Phil Long Dealerships are always looking to improve the community and give back to those who support us and live in this wonderful state. If you’ve never been to any of our Fantasy Playgrounds, be sure to set a date on a weekend and go experience it for yourself, it’s a park experience like no other, that’s for sure!


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